Samsung announced launch of the Galaxy Note 8

Korean based tablet king Samsung has announced the release of its new tablet in the United Kingdom. The tablet, called the Note 8 is to have an 8 inch screen and a stylus for touch interfacing. Note 8 runs on Android which is a surprise considering Samsung’s recent shift from Android to Windows 8 with the release of Microsoft’s new touch based operating system with variants for tablets and laptops. The Note 8 is also a hybrid like Note 2, which was a fusion of a tablet and a mobile phone. Large phone, small tablet. There is no word on the pricing on the product, but given Samsung’s previous market rates, this tablet is not likely to fall into the budget segment.

note2The tablet however does not seem to pack very impressive specs given that the market is flooded with Android and windows devices sporting every number in the specs spectrum. Galaxy Note 8 features a 1.6 GHz quad-core processor, 2 GB RAM, 32 GB build in storage and expandable with a micro SD card. There are two cameras, the rear 5MP and front 1.3 MP cameras. The highlight of the tablet is the display. Note 8 offers an 8 inch display which supports the same multitasking functionality over a larger screen, something that was hard on the Note 2. Screen resolution is 1280X800 pixels with a pixel density of 189ppi. Good display for a screen that size.

The specifications of the tablet are interesting, however there isn’t a lot of buzz surrounding the tablet since there is no dearth of tablets and hybrid PC’s in the market today. Whether this will challenge any of Apple’s or Sony’s new offerings is yet to be seen, but the  specs do show promise, given the brand name and screen size.



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