Samsung and LG to go 1080p in 2013

According to reports from Samsung and LG, both phone giants are working on improving screen resolution of all their releases in 2013. Both companies are aiming to offer full HD screens by the end of the year. For now, the companies are focusing on building 1080p screens into their handsets. LG has already displayed a 5 inch screen at full 1080p resolution, with 16:9 aspect ratio and a pixel density 440ppi beating Apple’s iPhone 5 retina display that sports a 326ppi density. Samsung’s offering is slightly lower than LG’s with a 400ppi density, slightly below HD resolution but still way ahead of Apple’s iPhone 5 screens.

Although both companies are gearing for top spot, there are rumors that HTC’s DLX will beat them to it with its 1080p HD display hitting shelves way faster than either of these companies. The DLX is expected to run Android’s latest, JellyBean and sport a 5 inch screen. While HTC has chosen to remain quiet on about the DLX phone, it has already confirmed the existence of a 1080p phone with HTC J Butterfly in Japan. Whether the DLX is the same phone differently named across geographies or whether the DLX and J share a few features is still not known. What is clear however is that this year will focus on phone interfacing and look, with major companies like Samsung, LG and HTC going for the kill with full HD handsets in the pipeline.

Consumers can look forward to great looking phones for image, video and eBook reading in addition to powerful processing and fun apps. Good lookout for Smartphone companies this year.

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