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Rumors On The iPhone 5S Release


After the release of the iPhone 5, Apple is preparing itself for the iPhone 5S release based on rumors from various sources.

According to PC Tablet, the release could very well be this summer. It is expected to be showcased at the next WWDC developer conference late this year similar to what they did with the iPhone 5.

The publication said that the plan of Apple is to come up with a device that could compete with the upcoming Galaxy S4 of Samsung. Judging from this section of PC Tablet’s article, does this imply that Apple has been on the defensive position lately? Are they are really wary of the capability of Samsung to tip the scales of the market?

Going back to the topic, TechRadar revealed that the iPhone 5S release date will fall on Spring 2013. However, it could also be at a later date.

The technology site based their claim on the China-based Commercial Times stating that the manufacture of the new model will likely start in the first quarter of this year. Then, the release could be somewhere past the middle of 2013.

The date is supported by Digitimes too in one of their articles. The publication stated that this will be signaled by the increase of component orders by Apple between March to April like what they did prior to the iPhone 5 release.

On the other hand, the analyst Gene Munster said that it will probably be this April. He based his speculation on the scheduling pattern of Apple’s events which usually has an interval of four to seven months. He went with the month of April date due to March being already days away. He added that the new Smartphone is going to be unveiled together with the new iPad 5.

Back to our source in TechRadar, there is a possibility that Apple might skip the iPhone 5S and go straight to the iPhone 6.

But regardless if it is an iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, Smartphone enthusiasts will certainly be in for a treat. Citing the last source, the new product will be equipped with a new iOS, a 13MP cam, dual-SIM and wireless charging.

So far, these are the hottest rumors surrounding the much awaited device of Apple. For more updates related to this topic, be sure to check out this website regularly.

Source: TechRadar

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