Rumors And Whatnot On The Sony Xperia Sp, Sony’s Latest Mid-Range Android Phone

Sony XperiaRumors abound that the latest Sony Xperia smartphone will be launched either this week or next week. Sony hasn’t confirmed anything as of yet but fans of the tech giant are more than eager to find out everything about the company’s latest model. The 4.6-inch Sony Xperia SP is the newest smartphone about to hit the market and experts say that it will be just as popular as its predecessors, with its affordable and mid-range pricing despite not really offering something new to consumers.

Sony Xperia SP’s features have already been leaked. Its high-definition 720p screen is perfect for watching and streaming videos, displaying a crisp and detailed resolution on the huge phone. The processor boasts of a 1.7GHz dual-core processor combined with Adreno graphics chip and Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro MSM8960T chipset. Dubbed as the C530X, the mid-end phone is packed with 8GB of internal storage, giving consumers more room to download apps and music and take photos with its 8-megapixel camera that features an Exmor RS sensor. Sony Xperia SP will of course run on the Android OS but what version will be installed on the smartphone is still a mystery. Gadget experts and consumers alike can only hope that it will have the latest version of Jelly Bean or Android 4.2. Jelly Bean doesn’t only feature triple buffering, CPU input boost, and reduced touch latency but it also improves on the OS’ already impressive system user interface.

As for the built of C530X, the lock button is located on the side, as is traditional with all other Sony handsets, and has a microSD and microSIM slot. Consumers can now take advantage of the much-celebrated LTE technology, now quickly becoming a standard for all recent and upcoming smartphones. While the unit has a plastic back, it is housed in an aluminum frame that measures 9.88mm.

Word on the street becomes more abuzz as the Mobile World Congress comes closer. The annual event is a fiesta for all mobile developers, manufacturers, and software developers alike as they are given the opportunity to show off the latest technologies in phones and tablets. This year, the congress will be held in Barcelona and spectators are getting more and more excited as the event draws near. As Sony continues to struggle in the smartphone and tablet competition, the latest mid-range Android phone is expected to become a stable and solid offering in the market. Consumers will always want something affordable yet still packed with first-class specifications and that’s exactly what Sony Xperia SP offers.

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