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Rumor: Samsung Galaxy SIV May Be Launched ‘Within Weeks’; Probably March 14th

A tweet by Eldar Murtazin, an industry leader in technology of, earlier today, stirred up rumors on the next most anticipated smartphone Samsung’s Galaxy SIV.  In the tweet, Murtaniz says “Save the date for a big announcement – March 14  And keep silence ” which essentially points to the big event assumed to be the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy SIV – or in the least a confirmation that the phone actually exists by the manufacturer.


We already know now that Android lovers are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the smartphone, touted to bring ‘game changing’ improvements in the smartphone market.  Based on this tweet and a number of other pointers, the Samsung Galaxy SIV will be announced sooner than anticipated – March instead of April.  There is a high chance though that although the phone will be announced in March, it may come to the market in April.  Other rumors had indicated that the SIV would be announced in March 15th but a day earlier is even better news.

This isn’t an express declaration that the announcement will come on March, but we might as well stay positive and look forward to the announcement.  Rumors of this smartphone surfaced barely a month after the announcement of the SIII but we can be positive now that this will be one of the most powerful and amazingly designed smartphones in the markets.  The rumors point to a 4.99 inch 1920 x 1080 full HD screen with a display density of 441 pixels per square inch, a 1.9 GHz quad-core Samsung Exynos 5450 or snapdragon S4 Pro CPU based on ARM’s Cortex A15 architecture and a 2 GB RAM.

You can read more about the rumored specs and other details of the SIV in a different post.  Are you as excited about this upcoming smartphone as we are?

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