Rumor: Google To Open Own Stores By End Of The Year

A reliable source privy to company details has said that Google has plans of opening brick and mortar stores across the US and hopes to open up branches in time for the holiday season. The stores will primarily carry Google Nexus products, Chromebooks, as well as other upcoming major products that the company will launch. This will make it easier for the general public to access the company’s products as well as get a hands-on experience on using them before buying.


The company has a Chrome Store already but these are stores within a store and are located in over a hundred Best Buy stores al across the US and 50 PCWorld/Dixon stores all across the UK. These stores primarily carry Chromebooks and have trained personnel to teach potential customers anything related to the product. The new store being envisioned will cover a much broader scope.

The idea of coming up with a company owned store came about when coming up with ways to make the upcoming Google Glass accessible to the public. Coming up with a company store looked like a good idea as they can have full control over the sales and marketing of the product.

One other clue that the company is gearing up to opening their own stores is that they are currently hiring people to develop retail point of sale systems.

If Apple’s own store were to be the gauge of success then Google’s own version will more than likely be successful as well. This will give people the opportunity to try out their products before buying it. In terms of sales, this will definitely give the company the boost in distributing their products since it will now be easily accessible.

Google has not officially commented on this rumor but we’re sure that they will be making announcements in the days to come.

via 9to5google