Reuters Reports Apple Inc Hacked

Reuters reports that Apple has announced they have been targeted by the same group of computer hackers who hit Facebook but they report no data seems to be stolen. Last Friday Facebook revealed it had been hacked in a widespread manner and that the hack traced back to China and that the attack was quite sophisticated, but, like Apple, they reported no user information was compromised. Apple has stated they have been working with various law enforcement agencies to track down the hackers. But, apparently, only a small number of Apples employees Macs were actually breached and so far their investigations have turned up no evidence that any actual data left the Apple network. But they did announce they would be releasing a patch later today for consumers to protect them from attacks if the vectors ever became public information.

apple hacked
These types of cyber security attacks from China have been a growing concern in American foreign policy for quite some time. There is an article in this week issues of TIME Magazine discussing what could be the Chinese Military’s Hacking Unit in the middle of a small town. The Chinese government repeatedly denies any accusations of state sponsored hacking and states that such attacks are illegal and also reminds American officials that their country also has countless numbers of rogue hacking groups working counter to their desires. Regardless if China is actively supporting these hacking groups, purposely ignoring their presence, or simply ignorant with what is happening on their tightly controlled network, it seems China is becoming a hot spot for hacking and is leading to a growing need for cyber security in all facets of the American infrastructure.

Source: Reuters