QuestLord Android Game Review

A new game has just been released over at Google Play that brings back the old school Role Playing Game genre. The game has classic graphics yet uses modern gameplay techniques. If you are looking for a superb dungeon crawling game then QuestLord is definitely what you should get.


QuestLord is brought to us by Eric Kinkead. If his name sounds familiar then you probably have heard of him before since he has developed games for various systems ranging from coin ops arcade, pc, the GameBoy and even the Dreamcast. You can now download the title over at Google Play for $1.99. You will need a device running on at least Android 2.2 and a storage space of 26 MB.

The game follows a turn based system of gameplay in the tradition of classic PC RPGs. A war is raging on in the land caused by the Elf Lords. As a hero, your main task is to save the shattered Realm from destruction. The beauty of a turn based system is that you will be able to plan out your strategy. You can either wait and ambush your enemies or rush to them. Aiding you in combat are various weapons at your disposal as well as shields to fend off blows. There’s also a magic system for players who want to cast spells on their enemies.

Some of the game features include

  • Dungeon crawling action
  • Screen swiping combat
  • More than just DUNGEON CRAWLING action
  • Explore vast worlds and over 160 maps
  • Not just trapped in a dungeon, explore wilderness and cities
  • Level up by crushing your foes and finishing Quests
  • Nonlinear gameplay
  • Perma-Save game system with 3 game slots
  • 3 races to choose from Human, Dwarf, Elf
  • Over one hundred NPCs to interact with
  • Each race has their own starter location, making gameplay feel fresh and unique
  • 18 different quests
  • Secrets to uncover
  • Detailed pixel style art
  • Over the top animations for your defeated foes
  • Quickgame – a Perma-Death Rogue-Like to jump into uniquely random generated
  • Auto-Mapping and large detailed world map
  • A wizard named Throzdin

Anyone who loves playing RPGs should definitely get this game. The controls are simple, the graphics are pixel art, and the storyline is entertaining.