Protect Android Phones with Mobile Security Apps Designed To Keep Devices Safe and Protected

Mobile SecurityWith technology constantly innovating mobile phones, consumers become so dependent on these devices from the simplest tasks such as storing notes, taking photos, and sending SMS to the more complicated ones such as paying bills, syncing multi-devices, and controlling household appliances over Wi-Fi technology, it has become a necessity to keep mobile phones protected from unauthorized data access. Losing it is now one of the major threats that owners fear because of a lot of sensitive information that mobile phones are capable of storing.

Android users are in luck because there are more than enough mobile security apps available at the Google Play marketplace. If you are the type who visits the Web without worrying about the consequences it might bring to your device, then you should download one of these mobile security apps if you don’t have one yet. Hint: all of them are trusted developers in the IT industry.

  1. Lookout Mobile Security – Just like most mobile security apps, Lookout Mobile Security scans all files and apps you’ve downloaded on your Android phone. You can also log on to the website to find your phone and it will track it down, sounding off an alarm once the location has been determined. But wait, it gets even better. Anyone who tries to steal your phone and attempts to unlock your device will have his photo and location sent to your email. At $3/mo, you have the option to lock your phone and wipe or transfer the data remotely.
  2. AVG Mobile Antivirus – The mobile version of one of the world’s best free antivirus software is just as impressive as its PC counterpart. Apart from the standard features (track missing phone, scaning apps, etc.) it displays the location on Google Maps once found and wipes the device remotely. Switching between your phone’s internal memory and SD card is also possible and you can terminate apps that slow down your phone. Spend $15 more and you will have tech support to help you get through those technobabble moments.
  3. Trend Micro Mobile Security and Antivirus – The free version of this mobile security app doesn’t offer much except for the Threat Scanner, a standard in other apps that scans downloaded data against viruses. Paying $30 for the premium version may be a bit steep but parents will be more secure knowing that Parental Controls are available to protect minors from adult websites and unwanted callers can be blocked as well.

Other options that you can explore are the Avast! Free Mobile Security, Kaspersky Mobile Security, Norton Mobile Security Lite, and McAfee Antivirus and Security apps. Mobile security has never been more important than today. Losing mobile phones is now one of the major threats that owners fear because of a lot of sensitive information that mobile phones are capable of storing. Protect your Android device now and guard your phone from unauthorized access, viruses, and malware by installing these mobile security apps.

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