Physics in the digital world? Think Tupsu!


Gaming is moving away from simple shoot-the-monster, save-the-girl themes to more advanced strategy based games. It could be as simple as Cut the Rope and feed the om nom candy to Angry Birds that dislodge enemy pigs. Physics has taken over the gaming world with games like PhysicsLite and Cut the rope, making entries into the app world. And the best part is that these are being lapped up by users in huge numbers making these games a tremendous success.

The latest to feature in this category is Tupsu. Weird, abstract concept to hit app stores, Tupsu is physics based with a unique theme. Get a monster that has no limbs to go through the black hole, gathering as many stars as you can on the way. Sounds simple enough on the outset, but it has been designed to challenge the mind and gets very interesting after the first few levels. The music is peculiar, unlike the more thumping tracks found with car racing games. It has an otherworldly cast to it, to help get the user into the mood. Simple yet effective animation transports you into the world of the Tupsu.

The creature in the game cannot propagate like most animated character. There are no legs or appendages to help it progress in any linear direction. The challenge lies in using the creature’s eyeballs to stick to surfaces and move towards its target. As you get the hang of the game, you get hooked. Each level poses a unique challenge, where you have to get past galactic phenomenon like asteroids and stars to reach the black hole. Some surfaces allow the eyeballs to stick to them, some do not, some reverse gravity, some are out of reach. Because the eyeball cannot reach too far, you have to think of clever ways to get your Tupsu to perform bodily movements like jumping and rolling to get to its target.

Creative, challenging and fun, that’s Tupsu for you!

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