Optimize the Way You ‘Share’ From Your Android Device

menu-partage-androidIt’s time to change the way to you share things from your Android device. Though we all adore Android’s amazing system-wide sharing capability that allows us to share anything and everything with the world so conveniently, things can definitely get a little bit better with an app- Andmade Share.

How is it different from the default ‘Share’ feature?

We so often use the sharing feature on Android to share apps, URLs, images, texts, links, and god-knows-what. Anything we would like to share is just a couple of touches away. Just select it, share it with the medium you prefer, and it’s done. If sharing is already so good and easy on Android, how can it possibly be made any better?

Well, as mentioned above, you can tweak your sharing interface with the help of an app called Andmade Share. With Andmade Share, you can instantly share stuff across more than one platform. You can even customize the options you prefer and remove the ones you don’t normally use.

Here’s how the feature can be helpful- Suppose if you want to post a YouTube video link to Facebook, Twitter, and also need to email it to your friend. The process would be boring and elongated with a traditional setup. However, it can be made simple with Andmade Share. Just select all the mediums that you wish to post the link to, press Share- and Ta-Da- it’s done!unnam1ed

Once you have pressed Share, first the Twitter app would open that would ask you to confirm your choice, and when you exit that- Facebook would appear and when you close Facebook, your default email client would appear. The link gets shared across various networks in a spur of a second, and without much ado.

Andmade Share also allows you to reorder the Share list, where you can either rearrange the icons as per you wish, and you can also remove the choices you generally don’t use.

You can also create a sharing link on Andmade Share that would allow you to quickly share the stuff with a preferred email address. Here’s a real-life scenario where the feature can be highly useful. Suppose, you’re working for a company, and you need to send images, reports and other documents to your boss, frequently. Instead of entering the email address every time you choose to share something, you can simply create a shortcut on the Andmade Share application, and use it to instantly send the data.

What more can be done with Andmade Share?

The pro version of the app also supports Group sharing that allows you to group different apps into one, and by clicking just on that group, you’re able to share the content. That can be highly useful for socially-active people, who are active on multiple social-networks. There’s also a Fast share option that allows you to share content even without Internet. Whatever you share would be added to a queue, and would be posted to your preferred networks as soon as the device gets connected to Internet.

You can download the Andmade Share application from here. Please note that the interface cannot be used in apps that have designed their own sharing interface. However, you can recursively select the Andmade share option from the sharing menu of the app to share things conveniently.

At a glance

Basic features of the app:

  • Share to multiple applications at a time.
  • Reorder the share list with drag&drop.
  • Hide unused elements from the list.
  • Fast share to Evernote.
  • Set the default address to which your e-mails will be sent.

Pro version features:

  • Group several apps to share in one click.
  • Fast share to e-mail, Twitter, Facebook.
  • Use fast share even without internet – all messages will be sent when you connect to network.
  • Fast share via Wi-Fi only option.
  • Copy text to clipboard option (You can use this for apps which do not support sharing)


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