Opera Passes 300 Million Users, New Mobile Apps Soon

Opera, one of the many browsers out there alongside others such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Chrome, has announced it has passed 300 million users worldwide. This is an interesting turn in the browser wars, Opera is typically thought to be one of the lesser competitors in the war. The news from Opera also comes with information about its rumored switch to WebKit for its rendering engine. The company has confirmed it has been experimenting with the engine in multiple research projects and that they did in fact demo it in the form of the codename ICE last month.


There was also news released today about a new update to the Android version of their browser. They announced a big change will be shown off at Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, Spain which starts a little under two weeks from now. As Opera barely cracks into the top free of the Android apps list this new interface being unveiled at MWC might give them some much needed publicity and help to accelerate the browser to be in closer competition with other Android browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.

The more options there are for users the better things are for users. More competition leads to more innovation and a strong desire to make each product stand out from the rest and keeps the market from falling into blandness and a lack of innovation. Opera has always been a sort of low key browser marketed toward lower end phones and has the ability to compress web pages similar to the built in Silk Browser on Amazon Kindle Fire line of devices. The new browser may try to rectify this sort of image and be much more feature filled like its competition has turned into since Operas original mobile release.

Source: Android Central