Nvidia Throws Some More Light on its Awesome Android Gaming System



Nvidia’s working on developing a new touch-screen portable gaming system that could supposedly alter the dynamics of the gaming world. Nvidia has code-named the portable gaming system as Project Shield, and it was showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.


A new article published on the Nvidia website is a gripping anecdote on the genesis of Project Shield. The article explains how tenaciously the engineers at Nvidia had worked to develop the awe-inspiring gaming system. According to post, Nvidia managed to transform a barely working prototype to a working model in just 19 days. They had to put the pedal on the throttle as they wanted to wow the world by showcasing this amazing gaming system at CES.

“It turns out Nvidia had everything it needed to build a new kind of gaming device all along. Rather than engineering a one of a kind console CPU and a GPU, Nvidia engineers slid their next generation mobile chip – and its powerful graphics capabilities – into the device,” reads the blog post.


The gaming system would comprise of a five-inch Android tablet as a display device, a wireless controller for gameplay, and sturdy little speakers for sound enhancements. Just to get you some insights, Nvidia’s Project Shield would be the one of the first devices to pack the Nvidia tegra 4 processor. In other specs, the gaming system would be powered by rechargeable batteries that would offer 5-10 hours of backup time.


Nvidia explains that the reason it chose Android to enter the world of consumer electronics was because it was open source. Android would not confine the gaming environment setup by Nvidia gaming system, and would give access to thousands of game titles.

The gaming system would be powered by Android Jellybean OS. An Nvidia spokesperson confirmed that it was “pure, unfiltered Android that can run anything you can download from the Google Play app store.”

That’s a good sign as some tablet manufacturers, to gain additional profits, try to lock the device to a limited number of apps, and then sell supplementary apps at a higher price. The games that have been optimized for play with the Nvidia Gaming system would work like a charm.

“And because SHIELD isn’t a gaming console, it can do things a gaming console can’t. Because it runs Android, it takes advantage of the thousands of games that have been built for Android. It can also run the Android games that have been specially-tuned for Tegra featured in NVIDIA’s TegraZone mobile gaming app – which has been downloaded by more than 6 million gamers,” the blog reads.


What’s even more amazing is the capability of the device to stream an on-going Windows game from PC/Laptop, provided it is connected over the same Wi-Fi network. It also supports wireless connectivity to any big-screen TV, and supports 4K resolution. So, if you’re a hardcore gamer who does not want to miss the fun even on breaks, this device would come as a divine blessing. However, there are some pre-requisites. You would need an Nvidia Graphics Card on the Windows device (Laptop/Computer), specifically a Kepler-based GeForce GTX 650 or better, to avail the orgasmic advantage of streaming games.

How do you think would this bold move of Nvidia from manufacturing sumptuous processors to developing consumer products fare?

We think Nvidia’s Project Shield would be the next big thing in the gaming industry. Although it’s not a console, a gaming system that could play both Windows and Android games would give nightmares to companies like- Sony, Nintendo and Wii. Perhaps, it’s time for them to level up!