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BlueStacks on Surface Pro

If you just bought yourself a new shiny Microsoft Surface Pro tablet, you will be so very happy installing all the necessary software that you use on your desktop or laptop computer. The list of software will include your personal and professional titles. But sometime down the line, you will want to use your new Surface Pro as an entertainment tablet as well, with a few apps from the Microsoft App Store. But very soon, you will realize that there are only a handful of them. And if you have migrated from an Android tablet or an Apple iPad to the Surface Pro, you will miss out all the cool apps from those two platforms. But now, there is an official way by which you can run Android apps on your Surface Pro computer.

BlueStacks, a start up tech company, is already known for its Android emulator like software for Windows and Mac computers which it released last year. You can use the software to run Android apps on the said platforms. And just yesterday, the company released a new dedicated Surface Pro version. Yes, it is an Android emulator developed specifically for the Surface Pro. And the best part is, it is a Surface Pro certified software.

So, you can just download any app from the Android Play Store that you like and install it on your Surface Pro computer. The apps will run just the same way they run on any Android tablet. This is just what so many people have been waiting for. BlueStacks CEO Rosen Sharma says:

The number of mobile apps being written overall is expanding exponentially and Microsoft has not added apps to the handful it has. Our goal is to get people more value out of their Surface Pro and Win8 devices.

The company says that it has struck some deals with PC component makers such as AMD, Asus, and Lenovo, and says that the software will come preinstalled on many Windows computers in the future.

Source: CNET

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