Nokia to relaunch budget handsets


nokia2According to the latest reports, Nokia is aiming to entice customers with phones that target the lower end of the smartphone market. The Finnish company is planning to unveil cost effective phones with basic touch functionality at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this Feb 25th. Low cost Lumia variants will also be on display in the Congress this year.

The phone aims to entice consumers that desire a touch phone without the fanfare that surrounds large phones. These models are for the budget conscious multitude who cannot afford expensive handsets and plan contracts that come with the Lumia 820 and 920 series. The Lumia series of the low cost phones will run Windows 8 but Nokia has not revealed what the other models will run.

The company is keeping quiet about its presentation at the MWC, but sources state that  Nokia is planning to capture all smartphone markets slowly but steadily. The Lumia series is already a big success at the higher end of the tech market while previous Lumia releases have now tricked down to occupy the middle zone.

Going by Nokia’s track record, the company is likely to do very well in the budget sector. The previous cellphone models were a big success and Nokia dominated cellphone markets till smart phones and touch phones from other companies caught up. The company is slowly clawing its way back to the top with great new technology like City Lens in its high end phones and smart market strategy.

Although there is no confirmation about when these phones will hit the market, it is a good move by Nokia to dominate the Smartphone sector once more.

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