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Nokia teases its high resolution camera on Facebook

Nokia's Teaser image on Facebook

If you have been waiting for the rumoured smart phone, the Nokia EOS, here is some more info. Nokia has uploaded a new photo to its official Nokia Facebook page. The image is of a snowy landscape, a good one, taken from a good camera, or a good smart phone with a good camera. There was a question with the image though, Can you spot the guys ice fishing in front of Nokia HQ? ”

The My Nokia Blog news website has noticed this upload on Nokia’s fan page and was the first to report it. Well, there are no people ice fishing out there in that photo. But what Nokia is trying to tease is the new camera, the 42 mega pixel camera rumored to be present on the Nokia EOS Windows Phone smart phone.

The My Nokia Blog also says that the Finnish smart phone manufacturer had used a similar snowy location to tease the Nokia 808 PureView’s 41 mega pixel camera back in the day. This could all sum up to suggest that this could be Nokia’s clue to telling us that the rumors that have surfaced till now are true. You might think so. But no.

Nokia has replied to the My Nokia Blog saying that there is no such thing as Nokia EOS and the image was not to tease any new camera. Nokia says in its reply on Twitter, “Only had a Lumia 920 at hand then ;-)”

Anyway, we are just a few days away from the Mobile World Congress of the year, and we are sure to come across any kind of funny business that Nokia is into. Also, there is the rumoured HTC device which is expected to have a “super” pixel camera this time on its new smart phone. We are waiting for that as well. But as of now, this is all we have to do.

Source: WM Power User

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