Nokia Lumia EOS with 41MP PureView sensor reconfirmed


When I first heard that Nokia was going to launch Lumia 920 with Pure View camera, I was a very excited because the company had previously launched a Symbian based phone called Nokia 808 PureView and it had a 41 MP sensor. Looking at the branding of Lumia 920, I thought that the Finns were putting the sensor found in 808 PureView on Lumia 920, but that definitely wasn’t the case. Nokia Lumia 920 was launched with an 8 MP camera with PureView technology.

Nokia Lumia 920 does an excellent job in photography. It perhaps has the best 8 MP camera found on smartphones, but it would have been great if the Lumia 920 came with the same camera that is found on 808 PureView. Well, the camera will surely adds bulk to the device, and you can see that the 808 has a hump on the back due to the camera and a consumer wouldn’t like to have that on his Windows Phone 8 device, however, there are a lot of people out there who are very much into photography and would like to click the best photographs even when their DSLR isn’t around, and Nokia has made a note of it and according to some reputable sources, the company will be bringing the PureView Phase 1 sensor, as found on the groundbreaking 808 PureView handset, to the Lumia range.

If you aren’t aware of PureView technology, in short, it’s not about clicking the biggest picture, but getting highest quality and low light sensitivity on a mobile device. The technology basically involves pixel oversampling technique that essentially decreases an image taken at full resolution into a lower resolution image, achieving higher definition and light sensitivity in the process, and also enabling lossless zoom, which is a pretty nice feature to have on your handheld.

The 41 MP camera equipped Nokia Lumia will be called as Nokia Lumia EOS. The device is expected to be thin and aluminum body, and I’m expecting it to have a substantial hump in the camera area, but the targeted users wouldn’t mind the hump because it is going to click amazing pictures. Being a Windows Phone 8 device, Lumia 920 already stands out of the crowd, and with this jumbo camera sensor, it should attract a large amount of attention. Also, the 41MP Pureview sensor to the Lumia range would certainly put some distance between Nokia and its Windows Phone rivals HTC and Samsung.

As far as the PureView camera on current Lumia 920 goes, Nokia has used something called “floating lens technology”: a gyroscope detects shaking such as uneven hand motion and the whole camera mechanism moves to compensate, so the shutter can be open for longer in low light. Using the 41MP sensor, the phone will oversample the pixels as images taken in low light conditions at high ISO settings adds a lot of noise, so oversampling aims to eliminate the noise in the final picture which on 808 is about 5MP. What are your thoughts on Lumia EOS?

Source: TheGuardian

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