Nokia executive says phones with physical keyboards not in demand

Nokia smartphone with QWERTY keypad

The smart phone world has changed dramatically in the last decade. This period is for sure going to be known as the smart phone revolution period in the future. This is because we saw a major change in the way smart phones are being used and designed and the way features are added to them. We saw a major shift in the quality of the operating systems with iOS and Android coming into picture. We lost one of the major smart phone makers, BlackBerry, which is trying to enter the market again now.

We also saw the hardware of these modern smart phones changing rapidly. We now have so many sensors on our smart phone and so many features. We have 41 MP cameras and up to 6 inch of high quality and high clarity displays. On the way to this, we lost a lot of good things about smart phones. We lost the awesome designs of the smart phones that Nokia, Samsung, and other manufacturers used to come out with. The clamshell form factor lost its charm, and all that we are left with are bar  phones filled with display real estate. I am not complaining or anything, I love my Galaxy smart phones too much.

But we lost one important thing, the physical keypad. That is the one thing which has lost complete demand in the recent times. We need our smart phones to be light and thin, thereby removing the whole concept of a physical keypad. We cannot be fast typers on a virtual keypad, but we cannot help it as we do not want the size of our displays being reduced to include a physical keypad.

WM Power User had a small chat David Akinjise, product manager for Nokia Germany, and as David says, there is no demand for physical keypads from our side, the customer side. So companies such as Nokia and others do not even bother to design a smart phone with QWERTY keypads which would appeal to a prospective customer. David says:

“Nokia concentrates on the consumers’ demand and QWERTY models are not being requested that much. It is no secret that touch only devices are actually the most wanted devices, and Nokia wants to focus on the customers’ desires.”

Even BlackBerry, known for its QWERTY keypads, chose to release the first BlackBerry 10 device with a full touch screen interface, and kept the BlackBerry Q10, a smart phone with the typical BlackBerry design, for a later release date. Anyway, what do you prefer?

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  1. That’s because there isn’t going to be a decent physical keyboard smart-phone until the Q10 id released, save your biased opinions until then.

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