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Nokia and 73 other organisations are getting $1.36 billion grant for graphene research

Nokia Graphene Research

If you are into revolution and bringing something new into the world, you will definitely appreciate the industrial revolution and the silicon revolution. These are amongst the major revolutions that changed the world for the better, or for the worst. It is because of these two revolutions that we are where we are today. We have industries that can inexpensively and easily manufacture iron. And we are able to turn silicon into tiny little chips which are able to do stuffs we can only imagine. And now, we are lucky to witness the beginning of another such awesome revolution, the Graphene revolution.

You might ask what this graphene is. Graphene is a one atom think version of carbon. The element is supposed to have so many qualities and uses that it would be a long list. People in the tech industry are all set to dig deep into the mysteries of graphene to find out what we can get out of it. This, they say, is going to be a revolution. Jani Kivioja, Research Leader at Nokia Research Center, says:

“When we talk about graphene, we’ve reached a tipping point. We’re now looking at the beginning of a graphene revolution. Before this point in time, we figured out a way to manufacture cheap iron that led to the Industrial Revolution. Then there was silicon. Now, it’s time for graphene.”

We may start seeing gadgets or other devices made of this exotic material in about five years, or ten years, or even later. We do not really know when the scientists will reach a milestone in their research where they can say we are ready put this into a mass production line. But we are sure that something good and awesome is coming our way in the form of graphene. So hold on to that thought.

Source: Android Authority

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