No kidding, Sony to announce PS4 on February 20

Late last week, Sony dazzled the gaming world with its 45 sec teaser that although showed nothing other than floating PlayStation symbols, but the title of the video- ‘See the Future’, the latter part of the video flashing the date February 20, and the annotated text below that read–‘Be the first to know’- everything reaffirmed the possibility that Sony could be finally releasing its long-awaited PS 4 console on that day.

Michael Pachter, an analyst with Wedbush Securities in Los Angeles, has quoted that Sony “is 100 percent certain to announce the PlayStation 4″ at a Feb. 20 event.

According to Patcher, owing to the massively powerful processor, “They’ll be able to put a lot more characters on the screen and allow hyperrealistic games,”

Despite all the rumours that have been flying around on how amazing PS4 is possibly going to be, Sony has decided to maintain the golden silence, and has refused to comment on any rumours. Though, no one in the industry knows how exactly the new PlayStation Console is going to be like, but tech-analysts believe that Sony could be including processors that would render games at a surreal 240 fps. Matter-of-factly, current games render at only 30 or 60 frames per second. Also, a human eye can only perceive at 60 fps. So, though the extraneous rate would be able to make the gaming experience more revelling, we are not sure if Sony would be considering a console with that high specs.


Even after the PS4 is launched, Sony would continue to sell its 7 year old PlayStation 3. We’re not sure if the existing PS3 games would work on the new PS4, but we’re pretty sure that PS4 would be more mesmerizing, and that the new PlayStation would be a worthy upgrade.

To know what people around the world are expecting about PS4, you can catch up the conversation on the official twitter handle- #playstation2013.

If you want to be the first to know about the announcement, you register yourself with Sony here. You would receive the mail as soon as the new PS3 is announced.

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