Nikon signs patent agreement with Microsoft


For the past few years Microsoft has been demanding royalties from manufacturers using android technology, as according to the company android device makers have been using their patents. The company has been making many such patent deals with phone manufactures and looks like even Camera manufacturers are not exempted. Recently Microsoft and Nikon have signed a patent agreement for their android powered Coolpix cameras.



Company’s press release states that Nikon has agreed to sign the patent agreement and that company will pay Microsoft a sum of money as patent for their android powered cameras. The press release does not give any further information like the terms and conditions of the contract but just states that Microsoft will receive royalties from Nikon.

According to David Kaefer, general manager of Intellectual Property Licensing at Microsoft, both the companies have already collaborated on several occasions in the past and this agreement further shows that the company values intellectual rights. He also adds that Microsoft was happy to be a part of a deal wherein it would be able to help Nikon create innovative products which would benefit their vast customer base.

Recently, Microsoft had signed a similar deal with EINS SE which licensed the use of android technology on their Android powered tablets. The agreement would allow Microsoft to get royalties from EINS SE for making android devices. EINS SE is a manufacturer who makes android powered tablets under the brand name Cat in Germany.

Microsoft has been pretty serious about their licensing program since it started this department way back in 2003. The company has invested significantly in R & D and has been developing technologies which can be licensed to other companies. As of now, the company has entered into 1,100 licensing agreement and the number is definitely going to increase in the future. Till now, their patenting agreements have been signed by many android device manufacturers like HTC, Samsung, Acer and Barnes and Noble.

via Microsoft News