Nexus 7 comes after iPad Mini and Kindle Fire in sales

nexus 7

If you are looking for a 7 inch tablet, there are so many options to choose from. There are many tablets from Samsung, and there is the Google Nexus 7, the Apple iPad Mini, the Amazon Kindle Fire HD, and many more. But which one to buy? Samsung has already lost the battle on this ground. So it comes down to only three major players, the Google Nexus 7, the Apple iPad Mini, and the Amazon Kindle Fire HD.

None of these companies release sales figures for their tablets, so there is no direct way to find out which company sold the highest number of tablets. But industry analyst Benedict Evans has done some hard work in the area. We know that Google’s Nexus 7 is manufactured by Asus. So Evans took a look at various statements from Asus’s executive officers to figure out how many units of the tablet they have sold. And according to a statement from the CEO of the company, Evans believes that the company has sold around 4.8 million Nexus 7 tablets in 2012. He then breaks this out and says that the company might have sold 2.1 million to 2.2 million units of the tablet in the third quarter and around 2.4 million units in the fourth quarter. In total, around 4.5 million to 4.6 million units in the year, and not more than 4.8 million units are sold.

The case is same with the Apple iPad Mini. The Cupertino tech giant does not give out sales figures of individual tablet models. So we can know how many tablets the company has sold, but not how many iPad Minis. But anyway, Benedict Evans believes that the company might have sold around 10 million units, this is an estimate. And even though the table was released in November, the company is expected to have sold 10 million units in under two months.

Coming to the Amazon Kindle Fire, the company does not breakdown numbers of tablets. And even though the analyst does not estimate any numbers, he says that the sales figures would definitely be more than the Nexus 7 sales figures, leaving the Nexus 7 in the dust of both the tablets. But it is expected that Google would be releasing an upgrade to the tablet this year with a better display unit for the same price. This is expected to increase sales. But then again, Apple is expected to release a new iPad Mini with a Retina display.

Source: Phone Arena

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