New high-end Nokia Lumia phone visits FCC


Nokia is going good in the smartphone market (at least better than last year) and they need more devices added to their lineup or that they have more to offer. We have had several rumors about Nokia launching new Lumia phones and few low end devices, and according to a tweet from Adduplex’s Alan Mendelevich, a new Nokia phone is heading to Verizon, and has reached FCC.

Adduplex is basically a cross-promotion network for Windows and they recently reported that Nokia will be launching four new devices at the Mobile World Congress that will be held in Barcelona. Mendelevich’s latest tweet talks about an unknown phone which bears the model number RM-860. The screen supposedly has a resolution of 768 x 1280, which means the device could be a model that will be placed higher than the current flagship Lumia 920 or could be just a Lumia 920 variant for Verizon.

The phone is speculated to support LTE bands 4 and 13, which means it is designed to function with Verizon’s LTE network. The word is that Nokia will be launching a new variant of the Nokia Lumia 920 and is referred to as Nokia Catwalk. The device will be sleeker and have aluminum body for greater feel. Other rumored new high end phone from Nokia is codenamed as Nokia Laser. It is supposedly a Windows Phone model, but what will make it stand out of the Windows Phone crowd is that it will be housing the 41MP camera sensor that was featured on Nokia 808 PureView. Both of these models are said to be bound to Verizon bound, so the one seen at FCC today could be either of these.

Other news is that Nokia will be launching few entry level devices at the MWC 2013. The new launches will include both, Windows Phone based devices as well as feature phones. It’s a great move by Nokia to launch low range devices because the competition is from Chinese manufacturers such as Huawei and ZTE is intensifying. Besides, entry level category is the one where manufacturers sell most of their devices, so if conquering the market share is the aim, one can never go wrong with low end devices.

There are no further details about those upcoming entry-level devices, but I’m expecting few new devices in the already successful Asha series from Nokia. The upcoming affordable models will diversify Nokia’s portfolio and show that the company is now ready to look at the bigger picture after two tough transitional years which were spent on developing and selling the flagship device.

Nokia has apparently managed to sell 4.4 million Lumia smartphones in the last quarter of 2012. Now that’s a good number we’re looking at, but when compared to market leaders such as Samsung who managed to sell 50 million smartphone units, and Apple, who managed to sell 48 million units of iPhone, Nokia has still got a long way to catch up.

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via PhoneArena