[MWC 2013] Kyocera Prototypes Shows Us The Future Of Smartphones

When it comes to innovations in the smartphone industry chances are you won’t think of the name Kyocera. What will probably pop up in your mind is Samsung, Motorola, LG or even Nokia. Who would have thought that Kyocera has some interesting ideas up its sleeve?  This multi-national company which is based in Japan showcased some interesting smartphone prototypes at the MWC which could be the future of the industry.


The company showed four new features that are unique and quite innovative. These are the “Organic” design, “Infinito”, “Air Mini”, and finally the “Airdraw Tab” Let’s go through all of these features one by one.


The Organic design is basically a curved glass screen. While we may have seen a curved design in the Nexus S or even the Galaxy Nexus, this prototype from Kyocera uses a full-on angled to the contours curves. Aside from its aesthetic beauty and comfortable use I can’t see any other benefit this has.


This is basically a display that wraps longitudinally all the way to the back of the device. This makes it possible for users to use the front as well as the back portion of a device. The prototype shown allows users to use the back part as an additional control panel. This feature could possibly bring true multi-tasking features to mobile devices. It can also benefit gamers who can use the back part of their devices to control the game freeing up the front part of the device.

Air Mini

The device looks like an iPad Mini but is meant to be worn as a pendant. It can be operated using one hand. Side haptics is used to control it.

Airdraw Tab

This is a video conference focused tablet that comes with LTE support. An added accessory is an external camera which you can use to attach to the device to allow a group of people to fit into the picture.

via pcmag