Microsoft Surface RT Gets an Update/Bug Fix


Microsoft’s Surface tablets are somewhat of a failure to be honest. It all began with the Surface RT, which didn’t manage to excite users and even if it did, they were disappointed afterwards. This was however supposed to be changed with the Surface Pro, which didn’t do all that well either. The tablet apparently sold only 20,000 units (and was sold out), which tells us that Microsoft wasn’t expecting a lot of demand for the tablet. But today it’s the Surface RT that’s in the news, as an update is being rolled out for the tablet. The update doesn’t bring any major changes to the system, but a few bug fixes and patches. The Surface RT suffered from a Wi-Fi related bug which showed Wi-Fi networks as having limited access. However, this bug has now been squashed (pun intended) and issues with the volume rocker as well as the power button have been fixed too. The Surface RT has taken a back seat in our minds now and Microsoft only has itself to blame for that. However, we believe a price reduction is in order as it could make the tablet more appealing to the customers. The tablet went through an array of bug fixes since its launch, so clearly Microsoft hasn’t addressed all the issues at once.

Users can check for the update by heading over to the Settings and then selecting Change PC Settings. After this the user has to tap on Windows Update and select Check for Updates. You might barely notice these changes if you’re not a heavy user of the tablet, but since this improves performance and fixes a plethora of bugs, you shouldn’t complain. We have all been pretty critical of the tablet, and with good reason. Microsoft is hoping to turn the tables with the relatively expensive Surface Pro tablet, and it has gotten off to a good start so far.

The Surface RT’s price point at $499 and $699 is somewhat of a mystery as competitive offerings like the Apple iPad and plenty of other tablets cost the same and are doing exceedingly well in the market. To make the tablet attractive again, Microsoft has to cut the price substantially and do something similar to what HP did with the TouchPad back when its demand fell. The price reduction drastically improved the demand for the tablet and people didn’t really mind spending on it as it was a pretty good bargain. BlackBerry (known as RIM back then) followed suit with the BlackBerry PlayBook and slashed the prices substantially to see the demand grow again. Perhaps Microsoft should take a leaf out of RIM’s or HP’s book and see how things are done when nothing works.

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  1. You are an idiot. HP and RIM dropped the prices because they threw in the towel, not to increase demand. Do you SEE any new touchpads about? MS don’t need to drop the price, people will slowly come around by the time the second generation devices roll around. You saw what they did with Xbox. Ye have little faith.

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