Mozilla Introduces Firefox 19 – Seamless PDF Viewing

firefoxIn the World Wide Web, the latest in technology and knowledge base production begets the latest in browsers. And with innovations seemingly limitless, there is no reason why browser development—literally our window into the web—should lag behind.

With this logic to stay up-to-date and even take the lead probably in mind, Mozilla introduces Firefox 19 for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. This latest and most up-to-date Firefox version features a cross-platform built-in PDF viewer within the latest Firefox browser. This improvement offers a safer and more seamless PDF viewing experience on any desktop and theme support on Google’s Android mobile platform.

Firefox 19 allows users to read PDFs directly within their browser, eliminating thus the sometimes inconvenient step of downloading content or reading it in a plug-in like Firefox Reader. To illustrate how this can make your everyday activities seem more effortless, you can now read memos and reports, view and print concert or movie tickets or check out the menu of a restaurant that interests you without disrupting your browsing with some extra clicks or downloads.

The new desktop version of Firefox 19 was made available on on February 19 and users of old versions of the browser can now easily upgrade to it automatically. Meanwhile, Android device users can download the latest Firefox 19 on the official Google Play Store. Mozilla also offers Firefox 19 for web, Firefox and Gecko, and add-on developers.

Wanting to know the improvements that come with Firefox 19? Whether you are using Firefox on your desktop or your Android device, upgrading to Firefox 19 may be your next best step to stay updated.


Firefox 19 for Desktop

The biggest improvement in this Firefox release is the JavaScript library PDF.js, which converts PDF documents and files into the latest HTML5 language. HTML5 offers the latest in graphics, multimedia, offline and online storage, faster and stronger performance and more security in browsing experience. Though still a work in progress, HTML5 is supported by major browsers, which now includes Firefox 19.

According to Mozilla, the objective of developing a built-in PDF viewer is to eschew the need to use plug-ins that could expose users to security vulnerabilities. With PDF.js using the HTML5 technology, PDFs can be loaded and rendered quickly and directly in the browser and on many platforms such as PCs, tablets and Android phones. Now users can say goodbye to the extra bulk of image and text codes that PDF viewing plug-ins requires.

Firefox 19 works on 32-bit Windows (at least Pentium 4, 512 MB of RAM) and Mac OS X (Intel x86, 512 MB of RAM) with at least 200 MB hard drive space. The browser can also operate on certain Linux supported systems.


Firefox 19 for Android

Firefox version 19 for Android now adds more support for Android devices with ARMv6 processors, which makes the browser now available to more than 15 million Android phone users. Firefox for Android supports phones with minimum requirements of 512 MB of RAM, 600 MHz processor and HVGA capability, including popular phones like LG Optimus One, HTC Wildfire S, T-Mobile myTouch 3G slide and ZTE R750.

Android users can now personalize their Firefox experience with just a few taps. Users can choose from a wide array of themes to personalize the features, look and functionality of their Firefox browser.

Firefox for Android now also offers support for Traditional and Simplified Chinese languages to resolve the issue of accessibility for native Chinese browsers for Android.




4 Replies to “Mozilla Introduces Firefox 19 – Seamless PDF Viewing”

  1. Firefox’s new built-in pdf viewer is anything but seamless – it is terrible. Half the time the load fails, the other half of the time the rendering looks awful. Simple actions like zooming in or printing crash the screen. The worst part is that Firefox silently made their new “feature” the default without telling the user. I spent weeks trying to update Adobe’s plugin to fix the problems but to no avail – only to discover that the problem is Firefox. Firefox hijacks the pdf instead of sending it to Adobe plugin like I specified. This is unacceptable. You know what is seamless? The official adobe pdf plugin. It works and always has, beautifully rendering the page right in my browser window. Firefox developers, don’t “fix” something that isn’t broken.

  2. Firefox has decided for themselves how uploaded .pdf’s should look, which is unfortunate. Simple things like fonts, bold, italic, shadows or even images are changed SIGNIFICANTLY in uploaded files, which makes it a pain having to change the viewing option for a site.

    It would be great to use this viewing option as it’s convenient …if it worked seamlessly.

  3. Firefox is great and all, but Chrome has been much faster as of late; Firefox is really lagging behind as of late.

    It’s great to see that they’re still trying to improve though!

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