Mobile operators expect Firefox Mobile OS take down Android and iOS

Firefox mobile OS

The new Firefox mobile operating system for smart phones is out and it will be available for Firefox fans pretty soon. But how is the smart phone market taking this? How is it different from other mobile operating systems? Will it survive? Will wireless carriers be able to benefit from this? These are some of the questions that anyone would ask of a new platform. Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are the leading mobile platforms of today and they are gaining a lot of market share. Firefox needs to act quickly.

iOS and Android have already taken the first two spots. BlackBerry, Windows Phone 8, and the new Mozilla Firefox mobile OS are fighting for the third spot, and Microsoft’s hold on the spot seems pretty good right now. The problem with the Cupertino tech giant’s closed ecosystem and the completely opposite open ecosystem of Android, are not really very profitable for wireless carriers. And the new Firefox operating system is the one which can help these carriers make money.

Apple controls the whole game in the iOS world. It decides what apps to sell on the App Store and what not to. Carriers do not usually easily get to sell the iPhone on their network, and the revenue model is not so good with the iPhone. On the other hand, with Android, since everything is open, neither Google nor the carriers control this, and again, less profit.

But since the Firefox OS is new to the market, a lot of carriers are backing this up as there is no one app marketplace on the platform. Even though there is the Firefox app marketplace preinstalled on the devices, there is no restriction that other third parties should not open up an app store for Firefox or just sell their apps without an app store.

This is a very profitable approach to wireless carriers, and they are already backing this up. And this clearly shows that for carriers, it does not matter what operating system the smart phone is running, it only matters who controls the revenue stream.

Source: The Register UK