Microsoft to enter the Smartphone race with new Windows 8 variant


Microsoft wants to follow up with the success of Windows 8 and Windows RT operating systems with variants for smaller screen sizes. Windows 8 has been received with great enthusiasm, incorporated into a number of tablets and phones after its release. Microsoft’s very own tablet, the Surface, has done well after its launch in 2012. However, there exists a large gap between Microsoft’s revenue from gadgets and tablets to its revenue from its traditional Windows Operating system. The company also lags behind Android and iOS in tech markets since its OS is not versatile. Microsoft has not yet been able to fit Windows 8 into a Smartphone with say, a 4 inch display.

2013 brings with it Microsoft’s resolution, so to speak, to bring its touch operating system, or a flavor of it to smaller screen sized. Research and analysis done by the company reveals that in order to compete with Smartphone giants, Microsoft needs to bridge the gap between its current 10-inch plus displays; and those that run Android and iOS. Companies like Samsung and Sony offer Android on phones with screen sizes as small as 4 and 5 inches. The iOS likewise, runs on displays much lower than the Surface’s giant display. If Microsoft can target the Smartphone sector, it can equal and possible overtake current rulers Samsung and Apple.

Reports disclose that Microsoft is working on a variant of its original Windows 8 for 7 inch Mini tablet displays, a first step towards a downsized version of the surface. The primary question that comes to mind is whether this new offering from Microsoft can take on Apple’s iPad Mini, Nexus 7 and Amazon’s Kindle Fire to emerge number one?

Knowing Microsoft, the 7 inch tablet will soon be launched followed by a number of smaller smart phones that will run different versions of Windows 8.

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