Metal Slug 2 Android Game Review

We’ve already seen Metal Slug 1 and Metal Slug 3 released for the Android platform. Now comes Metal Slug 2 which completes the trilogy of this action packed run and gun game. We’re not sure why SNK Playmore released this after the first and third part but we’re sure glad that they did despite the odd sequence.

You can now download Metal Slug 2 over at Google Play for the price of $4.50. You will need a device running on at least Android 2.3.3 and a storage space of 32 MB.

The game is a sequel of Metal Slug 1 and continues where the first part left off. Of course the gameplay stays the same which you should be familiar with right now. It’s actually a direct port of the original NEOGEO game which should bring back fond memories if you have played this during your childhood.

In this game the evil General Morden has a new secret plan and it’s up to you to uncover and stop this. Assisting you in this game are two new female characters that join veterans Marco and Tarma. Eri is a former super-agent while Fio is the heir to a military family. Aside from this you will get occasional help from a heroic prisoner who will also provide you with useful items and even fight alongside you.

You will also have access to several new weapons not seen in the first part of this game. These include the Laser Shot and the Flame Bottles. On the vehicle side you’ll get the Slugnoid which is a bipedal tank, the Slug Flyer which is a plane, and a Camel Slug which is a camel equipped with a Vulcan cannon that comes in handy during the desert stage.

As far as the controls go everything responds smoothly. You can even reposition the controls to suit your own game style.

You can add twice the fun to this game by playing with a friend which is possible via the Bluetooth function.

Overall this is a great and fun game to have on your Android device and I highly recommend that you get it.

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