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Lumia 620 – the best budget smart phone out there?


Are you looking for a smart phone within your limited budget? If you are, then your search is finally over. Nokia’s budget smart phone, Lumia 620 packs some heavy duty features under a decent 3.8 inch screen. If you compare it to Lumia 920 or even 820 for that matter, you will realize that the phone is indeed tiny! But for people who like tiny screens and believe me there are such people, Lumia 620 is a treat.

So let’s see why Lumia 620 has received so much appreciation from Windows phone 8 fan club.




The first thing that you notice about a smart phone is its display. The phone packs a relatively small 3.8 inch TFT LCD display with a resolution of 800 x 480. Don’t be disappointed though, the screen is quite crisp and clear and includes the famous ‘Sunlight Readability’ feature. You just have to select this feature from settings and your screen’s brightness increases way past its maximum limit for a short period; enabling you to view your screen even under bright sunlight.


The phone comes with a 1GHz dual core chipset and 512MB Ram. Although this is quite low end when you compare it with other windows phones, the phone can run any game or app including Asphalt 5 without any lag. It has a removable 1300mAh battery which can last up to a day and a half with moderate usage.


Nokia has included a 5 MP f/2.4 aperture lens in the phone which clicks decent pictures during the day. However, its low light performance is below average and often produces grainy and unclear images. But we can’t really expect a $300 device to perform like the Lumia 920.

The video quality is also quite impressive when captured outdoors but indoor video quality is quite average and grainy.

Sound and Connectivity:

The phone packs a loud speaker, in fact louder than most other phones in the market and its clarity is also quite impressive. With the inclusion of Dolby headphones, audio equalizer and audio leveling, you get what other budget smart phones lack – a great music experience.

Talking about the connectivity features, the phone has WiFi, Bluetooth 3.0, compass and even built in NFC (Near Field Communication).


Lumia 620 is ‘the’ budget phone in the market right now. The phone is well equipped for your daily use and the various color options that it comes in namely matte black, yellow, red, blue etc gives you all the more reason to buy this device.

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