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Nokia Lumia 1000 Makes an Appearance in China Mobile’s Database


Nokia’s constant struggle for survival in the mobile industry has been heavily discussed in the past. Since it struck its partnership with Microsoft, we’ve seen several Lumia smartphones coming from the company which have failed to impress the global audience as Android OEMs and Apple took substantial amount of marketshare away. This however hasn’t stopped the company from making technological innovations. We saw the Nokia Pureview 808 which featured a mammoth 41MP camera sensor. This is an area where Nokia is still unbeaten, but unfortunately for the Pureview 808, the platform (Symbian/Nokia Belle) didn’t do it much justice. But this certainly gave us a hint as to where the company was heading with its camera optics technology. And then came the Lumia 920, which was the second offspring of Nokia and the Pureview technology. This 8.7MP camera sensor captures the best low light images you would find in a smartphone, and the performance is unparalleled even today.

But it’s the Lumia 1000 which is in the news today as it has appeared in China Mobile’s database, partially confirming its existence. It’s either that or just an error by the world’s largest carrier. Either way, we’re made to think. The smartphone is said to be the global variant of the rumored Lumia EOS which is believed to be an exclusive to the American market. The exact details aren’t available yet, but it seems like Nokia is certainly looking forward to great things from 2013 and it is to be seen if the Finns will manage to pull this one off. It is possible that we’re hearing about this since the MWC 2013 event is just around the corner. We’re not sure as to what to expect from Nokia during the MWC, but we should certainly see a couple of new Lumias as well as the usual range of budget handsets being launched by the Finns. The company apparently has a press event lined up right before the start of the event later this month, so expect more to be revealed then.

As for the legitimacy of the rumor, we think it is plausible especially when we consider the fact that Nokia has expertise in this field. Imagine how popular a phone would be with a massive camera sensor like the one on the Pureview 808. At least in this scenario, the operating system will be more than just usable. And the change in model number also makes a lot of sense as Nokia just launched the Lumia 920 and jumping to 1000 would certainly be a step forward. But we fear it will see the same fate as the Lumia 920, which has failed to sell as per expectations despite its heavy billing. Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 still has a lot of areas where it needs to improve and unlike Apple or Google, it doesn’t have the marketshare to experiment with features and everything has to be spot on. It’s hard to speculate on other aspects of the device now as we have little information to go with. However, we think it will be something to look forward to.

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