LivesOn; the After Life, a digital possibility?


If you believe in the afterlife, then you will have no difficulty believing in that an app like the LivesOn exists in the tech space. Twitter has come out with the new LivesOn app that maintains your online avatar even after you die. The app comes with a quirky punch line, “When your heart stops beating, you’ll keep tweeting.”

The LivesOn app raises a valid question though.  It is ethical or proper for a person’s online account to exist after his or her death. Given the nasty potential of the internet to feature unsavory videos of the living, the chances of a person’s memory being violated with graphic material after his passing are quite high. There is also the question of personal data on the account. These questions stem from the fact that the app monitors your online behavior and creates a digital persona for you that it will continue to operate even after your death.

The app works like this. During your lifetime it monitors your tweeting habits. The algorithm of the app tracks the account holder’s twitter feed and trends. After the passing of the user, the data accumulated and analyzed is used to determine the person’s online behavior and continue to respond and react the way the person used to. This service requires users to nominate an executor who will take over the account similar to the working of a will.

There have been favorable responses as well, with people going as far as to describe the app as romantic and endearing. They believe it will keep the memory of the person alive for eternity after his death. However most of the twitter users are mortified by the idea of a dead person tweeting.

LivesOn has received a mixed response from the twitter community and there are only a few who have signed up. People might eventually warm up to the idea but it will take a bit of time to get used to dead men and women tweeting. Ghost like.

Interesting if not a smashing hit, LivesOn will become the talk of the town on the twitter network.

Rest In Peace anyone?

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