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Limited iPad Features Will Surely Be Beaten By New PCs


Citing an article posted by CNET, Glen Yeung, a Citibank analyst says that Apple’s limited iPad features is in danger of being overshadowed by the new PCs that are set to be released this year.

Contained in the message of the analyst to CNET, he revealed that although Apple is likely to release its iPad Mini Retina and the more compact iPad 5 in the third quarter of 2013, which are equipped with new processors, it will not be enough to boost their market share.

Yeung stated that it will only be topped off by the new innovations introduced in new PCs like touch-based screen, super thin design, more powerful processors and better price range. For instance, Intel now mandates Haswell to develop touchscreen Ultrabooks and offer it in the market for a price of $599 only.

Based on the letter of the analyst, CNET assumes that we will be seeing more tablet-PC hybrids in the future. So, it won’t be long until more developed Microsoft Surface Pros and Samsung ATIV Smart PC Pros are introduced in the market.

CNET mentioned that this could present all PC developers who were beaten by the iPads for the past three years to deliver sweet payback to Apple. The publication added that although Apple has the Mac, they only offer touchscreen features for their iOS devices.

I am not an Apple fanboy. But personally, if worse comes to worst, it might not be long for Apple to also come up with the idea of mixing the features of their MacBook with that of the iPad, or simply come up with another solution.

But then, only time will tell whether we will be seeing a MacBook-iPad hybrid or something else.

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