LG Reluctant on Windows Phone 8 Due to its Low Demand

LG Quantum with Win 7

LG Electronics may not be releasing a new smartphone operating on the new Microsoft platform. It can be recalled that there was an announcement in the Korean Times early this year that the Korean company LG Electronics is slated to release a new phone in the later part of 2013. There were strong speculations at the time that this new phone will be a smartphone and that it will be operating on the recently released Windows Phone 8.

Contrary to this news however, an LG Electronics representative was quoted just recently stating that they have not seen a demand from their consumers just yet for a new smartphone operating on Windows Phone 8 hence they will not be releasing one soon. The same LG representative stated that they intend to give their consumers what they want and until there is a clamor for a Windows Phone 8 they will not be releasing one at this point.

With this development, it is speculated that LG Electronics will continue to set their sights on using Android for their phones instead of Windows Phone 8. However, it was also noted that LG is presently looking at other operating system options. In fact, it is reported that LG is currently creating phones to run on Mozilla’s Firefox OS.

It can be recalled that LG was one of the first companies who worked with and supported Microsoft when it released its Windows platform for phones in 2010. In fact, LG Electronics was one of the first to release a smartphone using the Windows platform. The phone released by LG Electronics at that time was known as LG Quantum.

At present, Microsoft is seen to have a very strong alliance with Nokia, who recently released the Nokia Lumia series. Nokia claims that this smartphone is the first to use the Windows Phone 8 on its operating system. As a result of this close association, a lot of speculators say this could be the reason why LG Electronics is slowly withdrawing its support from Microsoft and the reason why it is not supporting its Windows platform for smartphones at this time. However, a representative of LG Electronics merely said that the reason for the non-support at this point is more on the lack of demand and its limited resources and nothing else.

Since its release in the latter part of 2012, the Windows Phone 8 has been encountering several difficulties in terms of consumer and vendor acceptance. A lot of its critics say that this is because there are too many features in the new Microsoft platform that consumers and vendors find too annoying, useless and inaccurate. One example pointed out by a few critics of the platform is the Bing Maps which provides inaccurate and useless data. Other critics pointed at the use of the Bing search engine which is rendered totally useless considering that a lot of people are insistent on using the Google search engine over Bing Searches. There are other disadvantages pointed out by critics of the Windows platform but these two are the most prominent.

Source: CNET

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