Leaked screenshots of Galaxy Watch show Altius operating system

We came to know yesterday that Samsung is actually working on three devices in the Samsung Galaxy S IV package, the Galaxy S IV, the Galaxy S IV Mini, and a Galaxy Watch. The first two devices seem to be confirmed, but we are now going to talk about the third one, the Watch. Now we have a few leaked images of what is supposed to be the Galaxy Watch, the smart watch that Samsung is working on. This time of this year seems to be too much involved with smart watches with rumors that a few companies are working on such smart watches, including Apple.

Anyway, the screenshots that you see in the images is supposed to be of the Altius operating system, or Altos, which is Samsung’s own operating system. And this is what is expected to drive the Samsung Galaxy Watch. Either that or these are just images created by a very creative and artistic person and we are wasting our time on it.

Altius operating system is supposed to be Samsung’s own creation. And the smart watch is supposed to have a bunch of features, starting with carrier connectivity. I do not understand that. We can just connect the watch to our smart phones and use the phone’s carrier. Anyway, the smart watch will also support emails, messages, access to music and much more, as you can see from the images. Also, you can see the Maps icon as well. So navigation is going to be on your wrist pretty soon, probably.

And if you are thinking that the Altius operating system looks more like Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system, then you are correct. A lot of us have that same feeling. If we start interpreting this as Samsung thinking of working on more Windows Phone devices or the company trying to build its own operating system, we may just start another rumor.

Source: Android Authority