Is Google developing a streaming music service?

Google's Streaming Music service

It looks like Google is trying to get into the cloud music streaming business with its own new cloud streaming service. According to new rumors, the Mountain View based search engine giant is busy talking with record labels to get permissions to stream their music online. With this, the search engine giant will be able to compete with services such as Apple, Spotify, Pandora, and many others. But we are not yet sure if this is going to happen any time soon, or ever.

The search engine giant already offers music to people who want to buy them from the Android Play Store, and there is also a streaming service in the form of Google Music. But this is not exactly the same as Spotify or others. Here, you can upload your music files to Google’s servers and then access these files on any supported device to the Google Music app. You can directly stream all these music files on these devices without having to download them to each and every device you use. This is kind of nice. You also have the option of putting a new track you just bought from the Play Store to the Google Music app.

But you do not get the online radio kind of feel with this. Google is now trying to bring that service in as well. If the company gets the rights to stream music, it will start it very soon. There will be a monthly subscription charge that you will have to pay if you want uninterrupted continuous streaming of music, just like on any other similar service.

But like its competitors, Google is expected to bring in a free service as well, which will obviously be supported by ads. This means that you will be listening to audio ads in between music tracks and probably, the amount of music or the time for which you can stream will be limited per day or per month on these free subscriptions.

We do not have any more info on this, but we will keep you updated as and when we get something.

Source: Pocket Now