Is Firefox mobile OS powerful enough to win the game?

Firefox Mobile OS Good

We have had a few good mobile operating systems in the past which have proved to be really good. We have seen the rise and fall of so many of them. But the strongest survive. And hence, we still have Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. And the main reason they still lead the market is because they have a good developer base to support the platform and keep it attractive. Now, Mozilla’s Firefox OS is coming, and how will that do in the market?

To start with, almost all of the app on the platform are just web apps, programmed using the HTML 5 language. This means you do not have to learn anything new and waste time on the learning curve. Also, this means that if you are a web developer already, you can easily translate yourself into a Firefox app developer. This is just what developers and carriers like. And this may just be what the market needs. You can practically write your own apps with this.

We may see a path to the end of the mobile OS wars, sometime soon. But for this to work out, the company needs hardware partners as well as wireless carrier partners. And Mozilla was supposed to announce this at the Mobile World Congress, which it did. So, as you all might already be knowing, TCL, also known as Alcatel, LG Electronics, and ZTE are the hardware partners that are ready to work with Mozilla. In fact, all the three manufacturers already have their own Firefox OS smart phones, which are very colorful.

Coming to wireless carriers, Telefonica, America Movil, Deutsche Telekom, Etisalat, Hutchison, KDDI, KT, MegaFon, Smart, SIngTel, Sprint, Vimplecom, and a few more. Out of the 30 top carriers worldwide, Mozilla has already managed to bag 17. And you are seeing a few new names in the list is because they are from emerging markets, which is what Mozilla is targeting right now. With all this going on, we have to see how much successful Firefox OS is going to be.

Source: Venture Beat

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