iPhone users spend more on mobile bills

Iphone-Money-Apps-Enjoy-the-More-Money-you-can-Get-from-iPhoneA new data reveals that iPhone users spend more on their mobile bills, when compared to BlackBerry, Android or Windows Phone users.  According to AllThingD, the media that acquired data from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, iPhone users pay comparatively more for data rates and wireless plans.

The data collected from October to December 2012 shows that the 59% of the iPhone users spent more than 100$ a month on their plan, of which 10% of users were spending even more than 200$ per month on their phone bills. The stats of Android users, however, paint a slightly different picture. 53% of Android users spent more than 100$ on their mobile phone bills, with 13% of the users spending less than 50$. The survey also showed that Windows and BlackBerry users spent even lesser on their cell-phone bills.

Though it may seem that iPhone users are charged more than other users, CIRP co-founder Michael Levin told AllThingsD that it’s not true. According to him, people who use iPhone pay more because of their usage habits, and not because wireless carriers overcharge iPhone users. He believes it has less to do with data plans or carriers and more to do with the extravagant use of people buying them. He believes that most iPhone users are on expensive wireless plans, unlike Android users, who are either on prepaid or other inferior wireless plans.

However, there’s another reason why iPhone users spend more every month on their phone bills. iPhones are more expensive than Android phones. A wireless provider may offer you an iPhone 5 on contract for just 150$, but that does not cover up the fact that it’s a 699$ phone. The wireless providers would obviously shove down that extra burden on your wallet- not expeditiously- but rather nonchalantly.

Josh Levitz, also of CIRP, sufficed the point accurately by quoting that, “Given the subsidies on iPhones, the carriers are working hard to make their money back during the course of the contract. With the exception of perhaps the hottest Android phones, we think the subsidies on Android phones are lower, so the carriers make more money even with slightly lower per-subscriber revenue.”

We feel that both the reasons suffice the point comprehensively. The sheer point of the survey, we believe, is that iPhone users can afford to spend more than 100$ a month on their devices.

What do you think is the real reason why iPhone users spend more than Android users? Do you think that iPhones are rich-boy-toys, and so they would always top the list? Or do you believe that it has more to do iPhone’s inordinate price-tag?

How much are you spending on your mobile bills every month?

Let us know in the comments below.

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