iPhone Trademark Given to Small Android Manufacturer in Brazil

Looks like Apple wasn’t the first company to register use the name iPhone in Brazil. A small Android phone manufacturer called Gradiente Eletronica recently had a Brazilian court rule in its favor against a trademark dispute it took against Apple over the use of the word “iPhone”. Apparently Gradiente had filed for registration of the name in 2000 long before Apple had started to manufacturer and sell the iPhone. For now, the small Android phone company has been cleared to continue using the name iphone on its devices but it is more likely than not that Apple will appeal the decision in the Brazilian courts.


This isn’t the first time Apple has run into people who have used the completely obvious and unoriginal name of iPhone before. The same year the iPhone was released Linksys had a trademark dispute with the fruit based computer company due to its own Linksys iPhone that had been made by Cisco between 2001 and 2006. And before that the device had been manufactured by Infogear all the way back to 1998. Eventually the two companies settled the trademark dispute and decided to allow one another to use the name iPhone in exchange for “exploring interoperability” between the two companies line of products. Although there never was any use of iPhone name again by the Cisco company but that is not to say some monetary transaction was not also part of Apple getting Cisco to drop the trademark dispute against the company for their use of iPhone.