iPhone MiniView, a treat for bookworms!


Love books but hate reviews? Every time you read the back cover you discover the plot ‘accidentally’? Drives you crazy? How many great reads have you missed because of a long winded, terribly boring book review?  Your iPod or iPhone offers you a grand relief with its new app the MiniView. Designed to be short and sweet, the app focuses on core elements of the story without revealing the plot and being so long it puts you to sleep!

Apple has rapidly advanced in the Smartphone sphere. Terrific technology that simulates every aspect of real life, Apple products have progressed from being mere phones to personal assistants and companions that execute your every whim and fancy. From an app that talks to you and takes voice commands to the more recent Winston that reads out your daily news, Apple has made a swift yet revolutionary journey. The app world touches almost every sphere of our world.

The best part about Apple is that the company has progressively identified and worked on designing and creating apps that is most relevant to our daily lives. The latest in this magnificent spread of apps is the MiniView app; reads and writes short book reviews for all you bookworms out there. It has an inbuilt book cover scanner that makes it very easy to search for and identify new books and integration with Facebook and twitter to share book reviews with friends.

A book reader’s delight, this app will save book crazy fans the heart ache of discovering the plot beforehand  or reading terribly long book reviews that lose the original message!

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