Iphone 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S Iii: What Device Won in the Web Traffic Battle?

samsung vs iphoneIn the battle of web traffic between the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S III, the iPhones win. According to a recent research conducted by Chitika Insights, the iPhone 5 leads the battle in terms of ad impressions generated in October of last year and February this year. The iPhone 5, which was released only in September of 2012, compared heavily to the Samsung Galaxy S III, released four months earlier than the Apple device.

During the first survey in October, the iPhone 5, out for less than a month, generated more web traffic than Samsung Galaxy S III – and Apple had only released it 18 days before the study was conducted. Chitika repeated the study in February, but this time, S III narrowed the lead to 2%, having a share of 49% compared to the iPhone 5’s 51%. The iPhone 5’s share was down by 12 points, generating only 41.5% of all smartphone ad impressions compared to its initial share of 46% in October, but it still took the lead against the SIII and other smartphones, despite increasing the figure from 37% to 37.8%.

Chitika ran a more encompassing study, surveying not only iPhones and Samsung phones, but other smartphones as well. The iPhone 5 generated the most web traffic, taking the lead at 43%, followed by the SIII at 37%. The two tech moguls were followed by other Apple iPhone and Samsung models and the smallest portion was filled by other smartphones in the industry. In North America alone, web traffic generated by Samsung (SIII and other models combined) totaled to 20.6% while iPhones (5 and older models) totaled 41.5%, as mentioned earlier.

The biggest names in mobile phones are neck to neck when it comes to generating web traffic. This pushes advertisers to further explore the mobile platform as it becomes even more accessible to consumers. Whether it’s the iPhone 5, SIII, iPhone 4S, or any model of Apple and Samsung, ecommerce has certainly made a lot progress in terms of advertising costs, exposure, and campaigns.

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  1. My advice to advertisers makes more sense… iOS is the way to go: better platform, lots of free apps to push their ads, and a heck of a lot more users who will actually buy!

  2. What’s the big deal abt this. Pretty obvious. IOS is enslaved to the cloud so obviously their Web traffic will be huge. Conversely, Android is built for humans so there is an array of offline features to keep the device relevant whilst on the move especially at places with no wifi or 3G.My advice to advertisers is plain and simple…Android is the way to go: bigger platform and lots of free apps top push their ads thru

  3. I have to wonder if the study takes into account the fact that Android users can install any browser that lets them change user agent strings, and skew other traffic modelling metrics.

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