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iPhone 5 errors, problems, fixes, solutions and workarounds

The iPhone 5 has become so popular even before it was released last year. While we know Apple is known to release stable and state-of-the-art devices, it is inevitable that many users would complain having to experience some errors. Those problems are pretty annoying especially when they interfere with the efficiency of the device however, they are simply errors and could be fixed. Now, here are some of the most common problems users have been complaining about in the last few months. Read on so you will know workarounds on how to fix these iPhone 5 problems.

iPhone 5 No SIM Card Installed Error

It is one of the most common errors iPhone users can experience. There are a lot of reasons or causes why this error happens but one thing is for sure, it is not as serious as it seems. More often, it can be solved by a tiny paper clip, a small piece of cloth and a little effort.

In case you have this problem, try to find a small paper clip because you will use that to pop the SIM card out of the tray. Once it’s out, gently rub it with a small piece of soft cloth just to clean its contacts. Put it back into the tray and see if your iPhone 5 still displays the same error.

iPhone 5 Cannot Send Text Messages

After a few weeks since iPhone 5 was released, Sprint users were among the ones complaining not being able to send text messages, although can they receive when someone sends them. Experts, however, said this problem can happen to any iPhone user. Fortunately, there is an easy fix to it.

If this happens, users are advised to Erase all Content and Settings. Alternatively, they can restore their iPhone. These solutions have always been proven effective in solving this problem. But for Sprint customers, they are advised to connect their iPhone to a Wi-Fi, remove non-Sprint SIM card and insert the one from Sprint. The phone will be activated shortly. After this, they are advised to re-insert non-Sprint SIM card and they can now send text messages.

iPhone 5 Forgotten Passcode Fix

When you have your device protected by a passcode, it is most likely that you would forget it especially if you’ve been changing passcodes several times already. In fact, millions of users have actually reported to have experienced this. While a lot of people think a passcode is the ultimately lock to iOS device, it’s not. It is, actually, very easy to remove it. However, you’ll have to suffer the consequence—all your data and settings will be deleted and your phone reset to factory settings. Now, here’s what you needed to do:

  1. Install iTunes to your computer and launch it once done.
  2. Connect the iPhone to your computer using its original USB cable.
  3. Make sure the device is turned on. Now, press and hold the POWER and HOME buttons together. When the screen goes black, release the POWER button but continue holding the Home button.
  4. In a short while iTunes will detect your iPhone in recovery mode. Just click the OK button.
  5. Click Restore button on iTunes, then Restore and Update.

Wait until it’s done.

iPhone 5 WiFi Issues

iPhone 5 was plagued with errors including problems with its WiFi radios. In fact, Apple released an update in December to address this issue but due to the imperfection of the iPhone, there are still users who have their connection cut off without apparent reasons. Here are some of the workarounds that might work.

First, do the basic WiFi troubleshooting to see if it will work:

  1. Go to Settings => Wi-Fi.
  2. Find the network you usually use and click the little blue arrow to the right.
  3. Tap Forget This Network.
  4. Go back to Wi-Fi Settings and turn off Wi-Fi. Wait for a minute or two.
  5. Turn it back on and let it detect available networks.
  6. Connect to your network and try to browse.

If the issue wasn’t fixed and there is no available software to upgrade the current iOS, then try restoring your iPhone 5. You’ll have to make a backup of your important data prior to that.

Speed Up iPhone 5

Users often complain about their iPhone 5 becoming slow over time. This is normal for smartphones, tablets and computers because their respective systems cache data every time they are used. Caches are stored to help speed up command executions, however, when there is too much data that have been cached after months and months of use, they may also cause lags and freezing.

To make iPhone 5 much faster without jailbreaking it, here’s what you should do first:

  1. Go to Settings => General.
  2. Select Spotlight Search.
  3. Turn off or uncheck everything in there.

Basically, iOS caches whatever is inside its internal memory so by the time you use the Spotlight Search function, they will show up immediately. If you’re not using that functionality more often, it is recommended you uncheck everything inside the Spotlight Search settings.

The second workaround is to hard reset the iPhone 5.

  1. Press and hold both the Power and Home buttons.
  2. The device turns off but continues holding those buttons.
  3. Wait until the Apple logo appears before releasing them.

And that’s pretty much it.


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