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iPad 5 Release Set On April This Year

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There are certainly many iPad rumors floating around concerning about the iPad 5 release. Well, this does not come as a surprise really since this is one of the hottest topics going around the online community.

First, various news sources like CNET and iPad rumor websites claimed last December that the new tablet will be released March this year. However, as we draw near that month, new rumors surfaced about the new schedule for the iPad 5 release.

According to the US edition of the International Business Times, Jefferies analyst Peter Misek forecasts that the new Apple tablet will be unveiled this spring together with the new iPhone 6, iPhone 5S and other mobile gadgets. An unspecified analyst also confirmed that the new addition to the Apple tablets is poised to be unveiled around April.

In addition, the website of the Inquisitr cited Laptop Magazine as the source of the speculation that the iPad release is set this April.

Apple Insider further fueled this iPad rumor by quoting the review made by Gene Munster. Apparently, Munster based his claim from studying the statistics of Apple. He said that the events of the company usually take an average interval of four months up to a maximum of seven months.

Thus, if the last event was October 2012, adding four months to it would give us late February. On the other hand, taking the seven-month interval would give us the month of May. However, since it is already February, the first assumption is not likely considering that no announcements have been made yet. That only leaves the month of May in the equation. But May is still a long way.

Munster said that the most probable date for the iPad 5 release is somewhere in between February and May. That is either March or April.

Regardless if it is March or April, gadget fanatics are surely getting excited now because it will not be long until we see another unveiling event.

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