Intel to Release Set Top Streaming Box

Turns out the recent rumblings of Intel releasing a media streaming box to compete with the Apple TV and Roku were right. Erik Hugers, Corporate VP and GM of Intel Media announced at D:Drive Into Media 2013 that Intel would in fact be getting into the streaming set top box arena. Like other set top boxes of this type, content will be delivered to users through their existing home internet through third party content providers such as Hulu and Netflix


The box is scheduled to be released later this year but it won’t be the fulfill the whole “vision” that Intel is hoping for at launch. Eventually Intel plans to include live tv, on demand, and DVR features. This box represents a long term plan for the company. Host for the interview, Walt Mossberg, inquired about the bundles that are part of current pay TV providers and if those will remain as part of Intel’s service and Huggers stated that while there is some value in bundles there is also clearly a yearning for more freedom in the way consumers have access to the content being provided to them and that Intel would recognize and try to address that need.

Intel clearly has some big plans for pay tv and tv set top steaming boxes and could shake things up for the market in a big way. This will definitely be a piece of tech to keep an eye on when it launches later this year.

Source Engadget