Infinity Blade on iOS is Apple’s Free App of the Week, Get it While It Lasts


Let’s face it, we all love free apps. But sometimes the app is just so good that you wouldn’t mind spending a few bucks on it. One such app is Infinity Blade on iOS. The game has won tons of awards for its gameplay and story telling, and it’s certainly something one would like to spend money on. However, if you’re not all that into spending money on playing games, you might be pleased to know that Infinity Blade is now free on iOS as it is Apple’s Free App of the Week. Epic Games, which developed Infinity Blade has reaped the most benefits from this game compared to its other offerings. So we can imagine how big this news is. If you folks own an iPhone, iPod Touch or an iPad, make sure you get the app until the promotion lasts, because after that it’s going to cost users. You can check for trailers and reviews for the app before downloading it if you’re skeptical. Either way, you will not be disappointed since this is a free app. The folks at Epic Games also have a sequel to Infinity Blade which would certainly be cooler and more awesome. If sword fights are your thing, then Infinity Blade will certainly not disappoint you.

Apple’s Free App of the Week promotions are often very successful. Especially when we consider the fact that this week we have a title like Infinity Blade on board. Let’s hope we continue to see app promotions like these going ahead in the future, but until then we’ll just have to pay for these apps which is how Apple wants it to be. We hope Apple and the developers work together to bring more free app promotions to the iTunes AppStore as not all of us like spending on apps.

If you’ve tried Infinity Blade on your iPhone/iPod Touch or iPad, make sure you let us know how you like it. Satisfaction is a given with infinity Blade, but we have to keep a hold on ourselves to not get addicted to it..

Source: iTunes AppStore
Via: Phone Arena