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HTC to bring Dashwire back

HTC Dashwire

If you are a fan of Dashwire, you would be happy to know that HTC is planning on bringing the service back to customers. Not just that, the company has revealed that it will be bringing a new smart phone with it. This new smart phone will be available from carriers on a contract and will feature the new cloud sync feature that Dashwire provides. But Dashwire will not be exclusive to HTC. It says that it will support leading Android device manufacturers alike. But all this will be more clear when we get to see what it has to offer at the Mobile World Congress a few days from now. The full press release is as follows:

 HTC Relaunches Dashwire to Help Mobile Operators Simplify the Smartphone Experience

Dashwire working with mobile operators around the world

Seattle, WA February 22, 2012 – Dashwire, a wholly-owned subsidiary of HTC
Corporation, announced today that it has been re-launched to offer mobile operators
software solutions that simplify the smartphone user experience. Dashwire’s
technology has made it easier for millions of consumers to set up, personalize and
use their new smartphones across leading Android device brands.

“Dashwire has proven its ability to deliver innovative software solutions on a large
scale,” said Fred Liu, president of engineering & operations at HTC. “We look
forward to supporting Dashwire’s efforts to implement their charter with operator and
OEM partners worldwide, which we believe will ultimately benefit the entire mobile
device ecosystem, including HTC and our shareholders.”

Dashwire has been working with operators in the U.S. and Europe, and is now
growing its global portfolio through efforts at Mobile World Congress and beyond.
Dashwire CEO Peter Polson added “We’re not simply selling software, we’re relaunching
as an initiative to build a movement, making smartphones more
accessible and useful for millions – if not billions – of people.”

Mobile operators and smartphone manufacturers can contact the Dashwire team
at [email protected]

Source: Engadget

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