Verizon Finally Rolling Out Android 4.0.4 to HTC Thunderbolt Smartphones


Verizon has never been the quickest to update its Android smartphones, which is why we’ve seen several smartphones stuck on older and useless versions of Android while the rest of the world got to taste Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean. We’re talking of course about the HTC Thunderbolt on the country’s largest carrier, currently running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread, which is evidence to the fact that no matter what the smartphone is, the carrier does things on its own terms. The problem with these carriers is that even though the manufacturer is ready with an update, it has to go through the carriers and finally get approved by them, which takes painfully long in many cases. But the HTC Thunderbolt users on Verizon will be happy to hear that the smartphone is finally getting the Ice Cream Sandwich update (which is if you haven’t upgraded to a better smartphone already). The update is long overdue I feel, and will bring more of a relief than joy to the owners.

The update is 368MB in size and brings Sense UI 3.6 on board as well. You will find the user interface no different from the HTC One X when it was originally launched in early 2012. Talk Android reports that the update gets rid of a few Verizon apps a.k.a things you don’t need, which is great news too. The update is OTA and given its size, it’s recommended that the user switch to an unlimited internet connection before going forward with the download and installation.

It is rather disappointing that Big Red’s first 4G LTE phone has to see such a fate, considering the enormous popularity it saw during the early days of its launch. The smartphone basically was the LTE variant of the equally popular HTC Desire HD but this remained an exclusive to the U.S. As for the future of the HTC Thunderbolt, we don’t think one should expect anything more. There’s no way Verizon or HTC will update this smartphone to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, so we recommend you completely leave that out of the equation. We dearly hope Verizon or HTC makes us eat our words, but this is pretty much it for the HTC Thunderbolt. Its soul can now rest in peace, having received the Android 4.0.4 update against all odds. Thank god there’s a vast developer community out there which specifically develops ROMs and newest builds of Android for smartphones like these which do not get updates officially. We wonder what Androiders would do without the dev community.

If you’re one of those users who have in fact waited patiently for the official update, let us know how you like it by dropping a comment below.

Source: Verizon (PDF)
Via: Talk Android

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  1. I just got my update and I’m loving it.That will hold up form getting a new phone for a min..This was a well need update for my HTC Thunderbolt.

  2. Did you check to see if New software is available. I did a check and that is how I was able to get it instead of waiting for the download.

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