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HTC One’s camera image leaked on Flickr

Leaked image from HTC One

If you have been waiting for the HTC M7, or now the HTC One, and its camera, you will have to wait till the 19th of this month to just see it officially and in its full beauty. But until then, the rumor mill will not let you sleep in peace, and there are more and more rumors coming out on almost all devices and almost every day. The reliable source which said that the HTC M7 will be officially named the HTC One in this tweet, has tweeted an image recently, which is claimed to have been taken from the camera on the HTC One.

If you are not aware of the camera, the HTC One comes with a 4.3 UP or ultra pixel camera. In the new ultra pixel technology from HTC, “three 4.3MP layers are wrapped over the camera sensor to produce a sharper picture with better color representation.” So the resolution of the image you get on your smart phone will be effectively close to 4.3 mega pixels, but of a higher quality, according to the theory behind it.

The EXIF data from the photo which was tweeted shows that it was indeed taken from the “HTC One” device. But we all know how easy it is to fake the EXIF data. But the resolution field on the EXIF date of this image was empty. So other images from the user were examined. The recent photos taken by the user had a resolution of 1520 x 2688 pixels. This is effectively 4.1 mega pixels. Could this be the exact resolution of the image taken from the 4.3 ultra pixel camera on the HTC One? Well, we cannot be sure of that now.

The Taiwanese company has a press event scheduled on the 19th of this month where it is expected to announce the HTC One for the first time. But we are not sure about the announcement yet.

Source: Phone Arena

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