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HTC One’s Benchmark Scores revealed


After several leaks and rumors circulating the web over the past few weeks, HTC finally announced its flagship device, HTC One in an event held yesterday. The phone sports many new features like HTC’s blink feed, Sense 5.0, Ultra pixel camera, 4.7 inch full HD 1080p display, Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 600 processor clocked at 1.7 GHz etc. So the device was expected to break all the previous benchmark records.



The results of the six famous benchmark tests namely BenchmarkPi, linpack, Quadrant, AnTuTu, Browsermark2, sun spider test are as follows:

In the BenchmarkPi score, the device made a new record by beating the recently launched Xperia Z with a benchmark score of 151. The difference between the second ranking Xperia Z and the first (HTC One) is quite astonishing. Xperia Z is almost 100 ms behind the new HTC device which is quite a lot as compared to difference between the second and the third ranked device which is only about 2 ms.

In the linpack test too, HTC One proved to be the leader by beating Xperia Z. However, the margin of victory was not that shocking. HTC One got a score of 646 as compared to 630 scored by Xperia Z.

The Quadrant and the AnTuTu scores were quite impressive like the BenchmarkPi score.  Here also, HTC made a clean sweep as the leader and stayed on top of the list by a considerable margin.

HTC One got an impressive score of 22678 in the AnTuTu benchmark, which is almost 2000 points greater than the Xperia Z. Here the second ranking Xperia Z and the third ranking Galaxy SIII scored 20794 and 15547 points respectively which clearly show that HTC One’s score is quite respectable.

In the Quadrant score, HTC outranked all the devices by a very long margin. HTC One scored around 11700 which was 3000 points greater than Xperia Z’s score of 8075. Here, it is also worth noting that no other phone in the market has achieved the feat of crossing over the 10,000 mark in this benchmark test.

The browser tests showed that HTC needed to work on their stock browser, however the phone was still not far behind other devices.  In the Browsermark2 test, HTC One got a score of 2262, which was only less than Optimus G’s score of 2555. However, in the sun spider test, the device fell to sixth rank with an average score of 1124. Still, the score is quite respectable as it scored greater than the quad core Galaxy SIII and Optimus G.

Seeing the benchmark results, we can safely say that HTC One has set a new target for the devices to be launched this year and beating these scores won’t be an easy task.


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