HTC One X errors, problems, solutions and workarounds

HTC One X is the company’s flagship for 2012. While it is a very powerful phone from the Taiwanese manufacturer, it is not perfect and some One X errors show from time to time. We have looked into some most common issues reported by users and found solutions for them. Here is a short list of those problems; see if you have experienced one of these:


HTC One X Error

Problem: Someone called me on my HTC One X and I was about to answer the call when an error like stopped working. My phone froze and I had no other option but to reboot it. It happened several times already and it is very annoying because it happens every time someone calls me or I am the one making the call. What can I do? Please help because I’m not really tech-savvy.

Answer: This was a known issue for HTC One X during its Ice Cream Sandwich days. Users who have reportedly experienced this problem said this error often occurs when importing contacts, making outgoing calls and receiving incoming calls. Logically, the Phone app in your device freezes when this error shows up because is a system function. When it fails, you couldn’t use the Phone app anymore and the entire system will be affected. To fix this, owners are advised to clear data of the dialer: Settings => Application Manager => Dialer => Clear Data => Force Stop => Reboot phone.

HTC One X No SIM Card error

Problem: My SIM card works with other phones and I know I have inserted it properly in the tray but my One X still says there’s no SIM card. Please help, I don’t know what to do.

Answer: Okay, so the “defective SIM card” possibility is out of question here because you said it’s working with your other phones. There’s this one little magic that might just resolve this problem: insert a sheet of paper between the tray and the SIM so it would be pushed down to touch the phone’s SIM card interface. This kind of error is often caused by loose connection so a piece of paper might just the answer.

HTC One X Camera Update error

Problem: A notification popped up telling me an update is now available for my camera app. I finished the download but there is an error during an installation that causes the phone to abort. Is there a fix to this?

Answer: In an informal survey, it shows that more people experience not having been able to install updates than apps. So, the best solution for this problem is to uninstall your camera app first, download the new updated version and install it. Not only will this solve the error, you also have a fresh installation of the camera app.

HTC One X Error 120

Problem: I’m trying to update my HTC One X phone when Error 120 showed up saying I don’t have enough  battery left. Do you think it’s really the battery that’s causing this problem?

Answer: Yes, the battery has something to do with this error message but it’s not really that accurate. The device will tell you you’re below 30% but in truth you still have enough. Luckily, this is a known issue and guys from HTC have recommended users needed to turn their device off, charge the battery all the way until it’s full and let it sit for a few minutes after charging before turning on the phone.

HTC One X Reconnect Phone Error 1016

Problem: I tried syncing my contacts in my One X but I was stopped by Reconnect Phone Error 1016. Does anybody here explain what this issue really is?

Answer: This is more of a USB driver than anything else. Apparently, it error 1016 speaks of connection problem and it comes from HTC Sync. The only possible way to resolve this issue is to uninstall HTC Sync from your computer together with all the drivers. Reboot your computer and re-install HTC Sync, then connect your phone with your computer and let the machine detect your phone on its own.

HTC One X Email Issues

Problem: It takes forever for my HTC One X to refresh the list of my emails. How to resolve this? 

Answer: First, check if your internet connection is good, it might be the one causing the problem. Try clearing the data of the Email app by going to Settings, then Applications. You will be asked to enter your credentials once you login again. If it still doesn’t work, try to use other email apps. Remember, factory reset is not always the solution to simple glitches like this. In the end, it might be an OS-related issue and can be fixed once you update your device.


We are open to questions and suggestions. If you have concerns and problems with your HTC One X, feel free to shoot us emails at [email protected] Moreover, users who may have other workarounds for issues mentioned in this post, you can send them over via the same address.

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  1. HTC One x+
    Keep asking multiple times a day for pin code! Losing signal! Anyone else?
    It works normal when the sim pin code is turned off! WHY??

  2. only had the phone a week had many problems with email acct,tryed the solutions that you had but no good results my mail acct is with gmail.
    can get there on pc but not on htc,HELP!!

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